Planning For Your Surgery

Preparing for your Consultation

You will be required to complete some initial patient paperwork including a medical history form when you arrive to your appointment.  Bring a list of pharmaceutical medications and over-the-counter products (including herbal or vitamin supplements) that you’re taking.

We will also need a list of doctors names and phone numbers who are providing your with medical care and an emergency contact number for you. This will help Dr. Browstein evaluate your safey in having a cosmetic procedure.

If you need directions to your appointment, call the office directly at  856-795-7000.

Medications you’re already taking may interact with surgery or with medications that your doctor prescribes before and after your procedure. Be sure to tell your doctor about any medications, including hormones, birth control pill, over the counter medications, etc., you are taking or plan to take throughout recovery. Vitamins, minerals, and herbs (including herbal teas) can also interact with medications. Please bring a complete list or the medication/supplement bottles to your appointment.

The Days Before Surgery

Review the list of preoperative and postoperative instructions provided by Cherry Hill Cosmetic Surgery, which can include:

  • The stopping of certain medications
  • Showering and hygiene recommendations
  • A list of medications that need to be taken prior to the procedure
  • The requirement of no eating or drinking after midnight
  • A list of supplies that you will need after surgery

Follow all instructions provided by the doctor regarding medication

Locate an escort who can drive you home after the procedure and possibly stay with you, if required, for the first day or so after surgery.

Fill any postoperative prescriptions necessary after the procedure.

Stop smoking for at least six weeks before surgery. Smoking can create nausea and aggravate the lungs during surgery. Smoking can also slow the recovery process.

The Night Before Surgery

Pack your bag the night before surgery. Bring any personal items that you might need.

Women should remove credit cards or valuables from their purse the night before surgery and men should do the same for their wallets.

Women should not wear any jewelry on the day of the procedure.

Bring a container to hold your eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Bring comfortable clothes to wear after the procedure.

Follow instructions regarding food and drink. Most surgeries require no eating or drinking after midnight prior to your procedure.

The Day of the Procedure

You will receive a list of discharge instructions and medication instructions.

You will receive emergency contact information.

Be certain to have someone stay with you for the amount of time recommended by Dr. Brownstein. (Usually, 24 hours.)

Being prepared for a plastic surgery procedure can reduce associated risks. Being prepared can also provide more comfort and convenience throughout the recovery process. You can also read our nine tips for a smoother recovery and how to spruce up your appearance during recovery with aesthetic recovery aids. You and Dr. Brownstein will discuss preparations that are best for your situation.