Breast Mastopexy

(Lift or Raising the Breasts)

The best candidate for a breast lift is a women with sagging breast who desire a change in her breast shape.  The reason for the sag may be related to many factors, including heredity, the aging process, weight changes, pregnancy, breast feeding, etc.

The procedure will move the nipple areola complex upward (not by detaching it) and remove excess skin thus tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape the breast contour. As noted with other contouring procedures, the trade off is visible scar for improvement in shape.

There are many techniques that can be utilized in performing a mastopexy; and, often the results and the scar varying. Customizing the technique to your specific situation will be an important aspect of the consultation with Dr. Brownstein.

If there is a desire for increase in breast size the insertion of breast implants can be added to the procedure. Implants will have the additional benefit of creating fullness above the nipple areola.