Breast Asymmetry

(Breast Lopsidedness, Difference, Crookedness, Imbalance, Unevenness)

There are many aspects of breast symmetry:  size, shape, nipple position, breast width, position of the breasts on the chest wall, etc. No one is perfectly symmetrical from one side to the other. Asymmetry is present especially if the body parts are paired. For example, most people know that one leg or hand is slightly larger than the other. The difference is usually slight or mild. When it becomes noticeable or even very significant, the difference can create problems, including psychological issues.

The exact cause of breast asymmetry is usually not known. Some possible reasons for a difference may include, hormonal responsiveness (one breast grows more than the other), medical conditions or skeletal conditions such as spinal curvatures or chest wall abnormalities and even breast injuries. Please be aware if the asymmetry or difference is new or has occurred over a short period of time, you should seek a visit with your doctor in a timely fashion.

The correction of breast asymmetry usually involves the application of one or more of the above breast procedures– enlargement, lift or reduction. The choice of which procedure(s) to undergo will be discussed at length between you and Dr. Brownstein. In creating an individualized plan for you, Dr. Brownstein will definitely factor in your desires and goals.