Tuberous Breasts

(Constricted Breasts, Tubular breasts, Snoopy Breast)

Tuberous breasts (Constricted Breasts, Tubular breasts, Snoopy Breast) are a result of a congenital breast deformity which can occur in both men and women. Why the breast(s) develop abnormally is not known. There are usually three components to the abnormality:

  1. The base (width) of the breast can be very narrow- this may create the appearance of the breasts being far or wide apart
  2. The bottom of the breast may be deficient to missing- creating the look of a very high fold at the bottom of the breast (where the breast meets the chest wall)
  3. The nipple may be herniated- creating a “Hershey Kiss” effect or very “Puffy” nipple

Any combination of these components as well as different degrees (amounts) of each component can be present. Also they may occur differently in each breast, creating breast asymmetry as well. In summary, Tuberous Breasts can have many different appearances. Clearly, they are not small underdeveloped breasts. Many women say their breast look abnormal but they can not explain why they appear so.

In order to correct the deformity, a combination of breast procedures may be required. Often a breast augmentation utilizing tissue expanders may yield very good results. Dr. Brownstein will evaluate your situation and create an individualized plan that will include your desires.