Tummy Tuck


People who have excess skin, loose or even hanging skin and or extra fat are good candidates for a Tummy Tuck. Conditions such as pregnancy, weight gain and loss are examples of situations that cause unsightly changes in the abdominal wall. Cosmetic improvement in the appearance of the abdomen often is achieved with a Tummy Tuck.

Removing Excess Skin – Tighten Abdominal Wall

The formal name for a Tummy Tuck is an Abdominoplasty. This procedure, Tummy Tuck, removes excess skin and fat especially from the lower abdomen. Often there is a separation of the belly muscles (rectus abdominis muscles), known as a diastasis recti, causing a lax muscle wall. This will cause the stomach to “stick out” often being mistaken for fat and making some females appear as if they were in the early stages of pregnancy. During a Tummy Tuck the muscles can be brought together as if a girdle was being applied. Patients often ask if the stretch marks will be removed. Much of the skin is removed from the lower abdomen and stretch marks located in that position will be removed with the tummy tuck.

Variations of Tummy Tucks

There are some variations of a tummy tuck that will give a better results in specific situations. For example in large weight loss, a vertical and horizontal ellipse of skin can be removed. This allows for a significant amount of skin to be removed from the upper abdomen as well. Another variation is just to address the lower abdomen, known as a mini-tummy tuck. If the upper abdomen is not “tight” it will appear out of proportion. A third option is to only remove excess skin and fat and not tighten the muscle wall. Dr. Brownstein will go over these options for Tummy Tucks with you.

Get Started Today, Schedule a Consultation

The first step in improving the appearance of your abdomen is to have a consultation with Dr. Brownstein. He will discuss your goals and ask you to point out what you would like to see changed. A medical history will be asked to be sure you are healthy enough for a procedure and an examination of the area of concern will be performed. He will formulate a plan along with you and go over the details including the pros and cons as well as the usual recovery.